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  1. Introductions Forum
    Just somethings Im working on. Slowly working my way towards busting coconuts. I've watched Jeorge, Fowler, CattyShack, and SimpleShot videos etc.
  2. 123

    GZK Titanium Dragon -King TTF with adjustable fork width
  3. Homemade Slingshots
    Had a customer enquire about purchasing a black walnut veneer TTF NLS and he also asked if I sold the white ones then he said yep thats the one i want to buy !! (Referring to the OTT (90mm) Hybrid). To bad that its a OTT but nevermind. I find the TTF variant to wide. If that one was 9 cm wide it...
  4. SAM 2053

    May be after about 200 shoots
  5. bill hays and chunk collaboration

    the core os this slingshot was made by bill hays which a asked him for so i could finish it. i put the dymalux scales of it then shaped and sanded it
  6. Slingshot Hunting
    I am a teenager from Indiana, and am trying to find a good slingshot design/template for hunting squirrel and shooting the occasional rabbit or bird. I prefer shooting through the forks because I can shoot more accurately that way, and that i can attach stronger bands than necessary for that...
  7. General Slingshot Discussion
    Can a OTT to shoot as accurately as a TTF?
  8. Forkeye MK2

    I've extended the forks and made adjustments to the band grooves and some minor changes here and there. The one on the right with the redhead is going to Hrawk, the one of the left is still unfinished and will be my daily shooter (once I find my bigger spade bit and fix the hole that I drilled
  9. Site Vendor's Forum
    Here are a few updates to the "Thin Line" series of Yo Poly slingshots: New OTT and TTF Shouts with the new dual purpose fork tips: Dual tip OTT or TTF (Shoot ether way with out changing the draw length or tube attachment!) Regular fork and Dual forks (also a prototype dual tip) TTF Specific...
  10. Homemade Slingshots
    Here's the second fork I got in trade from Harson in Scotland. I was concerned that this one was too dead to use as it is very light and came off in big chunks when I started working it. It's pretty much finished now and I think it will be ok. I've never tried finger grooves before and I really...
  11. The Art of Shooting
    Hey everyone, So after a days exam revision I decided to get out, uncover my catchbox, and do a little shooting! Using the slingshot Bill Hays made for me, I drew the bands, lined them up, closed my left eye (I hold the slingshot in my right eye), and shot. I hit the target but just didn't...
  12. The Art of Shooting
    When I shoot pfs, or ott slings I always use a pouch twist and it has completely eleminated frame hits. DGUI has a fantastic video demonstrating this... When I shoot ttf's I don't uste a pouch twist and occasionally, especially if trying to hit a target out of the air, I get a frame or hand...
  13. Slingshot Reviews
    I got an Ozark Mountain Longshot a few weeks ago in black and green. Stewart (cannonball55) set it up for me to also be able to use flatbands. It is constructed very well and the paint job looks great. My first 50 shots were with 1/2 marbles and they worked fairly well with the tubes on the...
  14. Templates - Support Topics
    After Danny0663 making one of my old designs today, I thought I'd make up a PDF and share it with you all. The main focus of this design was: As simple as possible Able to use a varied range of materials Capable of taking any band type Require minimal tools Allow easy customisation Let me...
1-14 of 14 Results