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  1. Slingshot Tutorials
    Hey guys, Well after completing a little natural I thought I would complete a tutorial on attaching tabs (how I do it anyway). Equipment/What you need: Natural slingshot/catapult Leather of your choice Knife Contact adhesive Vice (optional) Ruler Pen 1) Get your slingshot/catapult ready...
  2. Slingshot Tutorials
    This is by no means the only technique but may have some points you may be missing when shooting a catty, if you are having trouble with consistency and your sure your technique is correct then the most likely cause is the pouch is it to light to heavy their are many causes tubes or bands worn...
  3. Slingshot Tutorials
    I made DH's Chalice from a natural Yew fork and while doing so saw the perfect opportunity to make a tutorial. Its made using the most minimal of tools, in fact I dont even use half the ones I show. Only the rasp and rough file with the chainsaw file for the bandgrooves.
  4. Slingshot Bands and Tubes
    Attatching flat band to the trophy.
1-4 of 5 Results