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  1. iPod /Cell phone mount
  2. General Off Topic
    I saw some things that got me inspired to make this simple adapter. It allows me to easily use my garage sale tripod with just about any cell phone / iPod camera. I use my iPod to video all the time. I hope some of you can utilize the idea or develop your own from it. Some scrap wood, a...
  3. General Slingshot Discussion
    There has been some discussion about ways to improve the targets for the ECST and other tournaments. One possibility that has been brought up is a product called "Shoot N C" targets. I got some of these for Christmas (what to get for the man who has everything :) ) and tried them out: My...

    hard liquor, slingshot, and gypsy tabs- im ready for winter !
  5. General Slingshot Discussion
    As you all may know I make youtube vids. . I do this to not only a means of sharing with friends, but with the hopes that it helps people out. Well, I love watching slingshot shooting vids too! I am a vary visual learning type of person, and find videos and pics very beneficial. What sparked...
  6. The Art of Shooting
    I'm back in the saddle with my SPS after a slight modification to it and to the way I hold it. My shooting is better than ever I'll never be Bill Hays but I thought this was a fun bit of shooting on video, hope you agree:
  7. General Slingshot Discussion
    So I posted about my thumb trouble a couple weeks ago. Things are somewhat improved and with a small modification to my SPS I am able to shoot it again, just not for extended periods of time. I've been shooting alot more hammer-grip slingshots in the meantime and have devoloped a real enjoyment...
  8. The Art of Shooting
    Hey guys This is my first of hopefully many videos. A little target practise from 22ft, 9.5mm steel, Bill hays slingshot. I am a pretty bad shot but learning every day. Sorry for the poor quality and camera positioning, will change on the next video. I didn't realise how zoomed in it was haha...
  9. General Slingshot Discussion
    At my wife, Jodi's suggestion I built a new tournament-style slingshot range for us to shoot. Check it out!
  10. USA Midwest
    I will be uploading video footage of the events throughout the tournament. You can follow them here on YouTube FlippinOut Slingshots channel.
  11. Competitions Forum
    Post your entery videos here for the Slingshotforum online tournament. This topic is for entries only, please post any comments in the "June 2012 Tournament Discussion" thread. Scores will be updated here as they come in. Good luck! Beginner: Jodi - 70pts Hrawk - 70pts Intermediate: Rich Blades...
  12. The Art of Shooting
    I've been kicking around a theory for a while now that "aiming" a slingshot is just a process of making sure that your hands are doing the same thing every time and not true aiming like you would do with a scoped rifle. My recent experiences with target shooting are reinforcing this theory for...
  13. The Art of Shooting
    I think I'm over my post-tournament funk so I thought I'd make a quick video from a different perspective. I know it's not shooting matches but the target is a drink lid, 1.5" in diameter. Go ahead and watch it in HD if for no other reason than it took me a long time to upload
  14. General Slingshot Discussion
    I did some shooting and made a video about it. Not my best day of shooting, but still fun. A little frustrating, I admit. Don't do this. When you shoot, hit what you're aiming at. Maybe once or twice at least.
  15. USA Northeast
  16. The Art of Shooting
    If you haven't seen it yet Flatband Gary's "Superfly shooting" video is really worth a watch. Find it here. I've watched this several times ad finally figured "what the hey" and cut a set of super long bands to put on my starship. The bands are 14" effective length and full butterfly draw on my...
  17. The Art of Shooting
    This morning I was doing some shooting into my newly set-up "Pavlov's Catchbox". The new feature is a piece of carpet over the opening of my catchbox with a 3" hole cut in it and a gong hanging behind. Shoot through the hole: "ding!". Miss the hole and you get to pick up ammo. Plus you miss...
  18. General Slingshot Discussion
    My one-year old son, Brandon, demonstrates proper slingshot technique:
  19. The Art of Shooting
    The East Coast Slingshot Tournament features a target shoot at 25yds so I'm practicing for it. I put it on video because of the added pressure which helps simulate the tournament envrionment. Obviously if I really screw up I can just delete and try again but I didn't because that would defeat...
1-19 of 42 Results