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  1. Slingshot Reviews
    Lately, I've been on a kick for tubeshooters (I still blame..or is that thank.. MJ for this ). I had looked at the different varieties that Yo Slingshots have offered for over a month. I like poly frames because, 1. I'm still new in the sport and prone to accidents, and 2. I'm rough on my...
  2. Site Vendor's Forum
    Here is the latest creation from Yo Slingshots, the Wasp Be Gone "Great Pumpkinator" in Emberglow Spectraply...Just in time for October...Enjoy! This great shooter now joins his WBG brothers and sisters the Green Hornet and the Bumble Bee These shooters "Bee gone" quick...
  3. Site Vendor's Forum
    Here is the Wasp Be Gone in Bumble Bee Yellow Spectraply: This one is set up for flat bands. These shooters Bee great! PM me for details Yo, Chris
  4. Site Vendor's Forum
    Here is a look at the Wasp Be Gone in Black Poly: OTT With flat bands Slot OTT with bands These are great shooters! PM me for details. Yo, Chris
1-6 of 6 Results