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  1. Introductions Forum
    Hi guys! I always had a wristrocket that I took to the fields as a kid. Now older and with a fresh baby boy who inspired me to pick up things I lost as a kid. I picked up a cheap slingshot from Amazon, did some YouTube research and got myself a new/old hobby. After a couple of days I ordered...
  2. Introductions Forum
    Alright guys, Just joined the forum so i can take my homemade catapults to the next level. Just drawn out my profile picture and im ready to go! Cant wait to talk to you lot Cheers, gecko
  3. Introductions Forum
    New to the forum but been making flips ever since I can remember (60+years). Awesome place Ya'll have here (Yeah! I'm from Georgia . . . USA Georgia . . . the South. My "Pappy" survived the depression shooting rabbits with his flip. Taught me to make them right after I learned to walk . Well...
  4. Introductions Forum
    Hello everyone. Just signed up and wanted to drop a quick hello. I guess a little about myself is in order. I am 41 going on 20 and retired from the Navy with 23 years service as a ordnance specialist and master armorer. I love shooting. It doesn't matter if it is a .50 cal sniper rifle or a...
1-4 of 4 Results