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  1. Competitions Forum
    The winners this month are: 1st Place: Flippinout Slingshots - Custom Axiom (39 Votes) 2nd Place: Torsten - Simple Slingshot (35 Votes) 3rd Place: Chunkapultman - Antler Hybrid (22 Votes)
  2. Competitions Forum
    The winners this month are : 1st Place : Bill Hays - Tube Master Sniper (59 votes) 2nd Place : Little Bear - Trick or Treat (40 votes) 3rd Place : Antraxx - Deadly Leaf (25 votes)
  3. Competitions Forum
    Congratulations to this months winners ! In first place is Danny0663 with his Dedicated Tube Shooter - Aluminium and Paper Scales: Second place honours go to Flippinout for his Mammoth: Third place is taken out by LBPSD (Littlebear) for his amazing Poison Ivy Shooter:
  4. Competitions Forum
    Congratulations to this months winners! Thanks to all those who nominated and those who took the time to vote In first place by a huge margin is Antraxx with his Purple Heart and Brass Creation. Second place is a tie between Bunnybuster with his Widowmaker #85 and Btoon84's...
  5. Competitions Forum
    What a great month it has been for SOTM. We have had the highest number of nominations as well as the highest number of people voting. I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone that took part! This months winners are: Sharing first place is Bill Hays with his Tiger Scorpion and Bob...
  6. Competitions Forum
    And the winners this month are: In first place, Mckee with his Eagle slingshot Second place honours go to Flippinout for his Antler Hybrid Third place goes to the one and only Rapier for his Hype-x Altoid
  7. General Slingshot Discussion
    I have begun the process of awarding prizes for the Altoid Tin Build Off. We had a total of 34 slingshots entered by 26 builders. It was a fabulous display of ingenuity!!! My thanks to all who participated. To see the prizes, and more importantly the submitted slingshots, just head on down to...
  8. Competitions Forum
    Congratulations to the winners of this month's Slingshot of the Month In 1st place we have Danny0663 with his Aluminium & Micarta Slimline We have a tie for 2nd between Chepo with his 'La Mazakota' and Gardengrove's 'Tribute to Flippinout' In 3rd place we see Chepo once again on the...
  9. Competitions Forum
    Wow what a month! With 132 votes, this has been out biggest turnout yet. Anyhow, time to announce the winners! In first place by a BIG margin, we have Torsten and his 'Ebony and Masur Birch' We have a tie for second place with Bob Fionda's 'Roots' and Sling Jim's 'Hammer Hunter' In...
1-9 of 9 Results