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I just had to share this with everyone. I have been on a quest for the elusive discontinued 1/2" HDPE Axiom Ocularis for quite some time. This was to give my son something I can feel safe for him to shoot and he positively won't settle for anything over 1/2" thick. I happened to mention in an email correspondence to Nathan that I was on the hunt for one and he found them and included at no charge both a 1/2" Axiom Ocularis AND a 1/2" Axiom OTT wrap & tuck model with my last order. I had all but given up on finding a full size 1/2" thick HDPE Axiom for my son but Nathan came through with the seemingly impossible. My son is taken with the wrap & tuck OTT model so I'm going to band it up for him this evening. Nathan, if you see this you are my son's new hero!! I was almost positive this was once available in 1/2" HDPE but now I am totally positive as here they are. New, pristine and sealed in the bag courtesy of Nathan.
Thank you Nathan!!!

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