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Morning guys and gals, just a quick, down and dirty little PFS I made from a leftover Purdy paint brush handle, for
.177 BB's up to no bigger than 1/4" steel.

I decided to finally try and use leather tabs at the forks (never done that before, like it though ), chained #64 Alliance Pale Crepe Gold office bands for the rubber, and it was sanded up to 1200 grit, then soaked in Danish Oil for a couple hrs......using a cheap leather or microfiber
pouch bought off Aliexpress that has like an elephant hide texture on one side.

I shot about 50 rounds of .177 BB's this morning through it, at about 25 ft or so, had approx. 35 or 40 hits and several
wild flyers, lol.
I was impressed at how much power those office bands have as they have no trouble whatsoever moving BB's through the air.

I suck at tying on pouches and bands to the forks, as you can tell they look kinda clunky and I can never get them neat, but they
function for their intended purpose well enough I reckon.

I noticed that the chained rubber seemed to get wrapped up in itself a lot after each shot, and I'd have to untangle it.....anyone else
run into that issue with chained office bands, and is their a solution or remedy for it, or is it just the nature of the beast ?
Nice work buddy!!

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