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MP You are shooting like a pro. Those vicious man eating cans don't stand a chance!
I like your setup. "down the hall, around the dresser, over the top and into the can"! You know, you have to call your shots to make it legal. :)
JSAaz, I believe you may have been in a few pool halls. We used to have lean down under the cigarette smoke and I only played for money one time...mostly just the next game and to keep the table. 1 quarter a game back then in a the back of a gas station with 4 very short tables.

Played an old grade school teacher turned community college professor for a Bowling grade...I could not and cannot bowl. He ran to the 8 ball and ran the table with 3 rail bank to cut the 8 in the bottom corner pocket after he corner hooked me on the same end of the table.

We were playing to establish that I knew the principles of bowling and a B. I got an A because he had not saw the shot and thought I was blowing smoke. hahaha...we still talk online.
Mr. Russell also confiscated many of my slingshots in 5th and 8th grade.
I have been known to toast a few old friends on rare occasions :alky: You are right, used to come home smelling like the bottom of an ashtray.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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