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Hello everyone.

It's been 20 days since I picked up my first slingshot.

Like everything I do, I kinda go all-out when I pick up a new hobby. I have a setup at my shop and another in my backyard for practice. I've also already built 4 slingshots :blink:.

This whole covid deal made work pretty slow, so I've been practicing and building at the shop when I don't have work to do.

The 200-300 shots per day has paid off in the accuracy department. I didn't think I'd get this far this fast with a slingshot. Man this is a lot of fun!

Anyway, here is a short video of me shooting a 1 1/2" spinner at 33 ft. I can hit it roughly 50% of the time now. Weirdly, I still can't group great on a paper target though.

Don't mind the messy shop, that is what I'll be spending my day doing, a deep clean.

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