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You can be joyful without being gay.

You can be pensive with nothing to say.

You can be playful without being a clown.

You can be wise without telling the town.

You can have talents without any conceit.

You can be stylish with misshapen feet.

You can shoot slingshots without buying a thing.

You can punch cans without Google or Bing.

You can be Sparta addressing the Persians.

You can have wealth without hurtful diversions.

You can be human and make some mistakes.

Just keep shooting and try not to be flakes.

Happy New Year SSF! :)


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The need to rhyme can take most of your time,

and some might wrap you as rapper.

Meaning can be lost, because of the cost,

of rhythm and chanted vernacular.

Yer the bard of this board,

and we're never bored, because

your talents are decorum in this forum.

HNY Hulla ... and SSF!
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