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Ray Rowden
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The 2020 Build and Swap is underway.

Eight of us from the forum decided to do a blind build and swap. Port boy in Ontario, Canada, ibojoe in Arkansas, treeman in New Jersey, MakoPat in Tennesee, Island Made in Prince Edward Island, Canada, devils son in law in Michigan, flipgun in Texas, and me in Kansas.

We focused on the Dayhiker's Lil Plinker and Kev's Lucky 7 designs and as usual, no progress pics or hints as to the final product are allowed- just a blind swap.

We set up the chain as follows: Port boy builds for treeman, treeman builds for MakoPat, MakoPat builds for Island Made, Island Made builds for devils son in law, devils son in law builds for flipgun, flipgun builds for ibojoe, ibojoe builds for me, and I build for Portboy.

Well I got my package from ibojoe, and so I get to start the thread.

Ibojoe sent me two stunning naturals. One is a Lil' Plinker made from persimmon. It features Joe's signature recurve and nestles into my hand beautifully.

The second is an apple peghead. Joe sculpted it into an elegant diamond cross-section. The forks angle slighted back toward the shooter, and it also feels great in the hand.

Both came banded with .65 Sumeike in butterfly lengths - one GZK pouch and one that looks like kangaroo. He also packed me an extra swatch of the Sumeike!

He's the man!

Here are pics.

Human body Wood Cookie cutter Fawn Font

Finger Snake Scaled reptile Serpent Wood

Natural material Wood


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Awesome thread Ray, and congratulations!! Those are beautiful Joe! I gotta get scootin I'm my build. Poor Jake...sorry man your waiting so long. I truly hope it's worth it. It's coming together pretty quick now, so hoping this weekend I can get it mostly wrapped up!!

Thanks guys for letting me be a part of this. It's nerve wrecking setting at the big boy table ain't gonna lie.

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Today at work, my wife sent me a message saying there was a parcel waiting for me at home from Canada. I knew right away that it had to be my part of the build/ swap from Port Boy. So obviously this was the longest workday in history and all I wanted to do was race home to see what I got.
Well, lemme tell ya. Its so much more than I could have hoped for. My man sent two amazing frames. First there's this incredible orange and black layered G10 frame with brass pins. This is my first metal cored frame ever! I love it! It's got such a great feel in hand and I love the heft of it. It's fantastic!
Then there's this beautiful oak natty. It's got a bend in the handle that simply falls into a perfect shooting position. It sports Jason's signature CA dipped in glass finish. I absolutely love both of them. I'm posting these pics, but you just have to hold them to really appreciate the workmanship.
Thank you Jason. Thank you thank you.
Here's the pics.
I love these build and swaps!!!!! Sooo much fun!


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