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2020, one of the best years ever

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Many interesting things happened this year. The events that made the most impact:

1. Someone ate a dead bat and Covid happened. Yes, it's a terrible thing but it also did WONDERS for schools and universities going online. It did even more for internet shopping and home delivery of everything from groceries to hookers. Internet has been around since the 90s and nobody was quite making much use of it... until NOW. Cash on delivery. No bloody credit card needed.

2. China captured thousands of square miles of Indian territory without a shot being fired. And India is unusually quiet. I expect trouble down the line, but for now it seems like India is settling down to a new normal.

3. Karachi, today, fired up it's first gigawatt nuclear reactor. The last one in Karachi was a small reactor of Canadian design. This new one is a giant. And it's twin .. another gigawatt giant ... is also coming online soon after.

The rest of the country can keep their itty bitty atomic reactors... Karachi has the big ones. We are done with itty bitty nuke reactors.

First atomic fuel loading:

All in all, 2020 has been very very interesting.
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Good question. There must have been some good stuff happen in 2020?

Covid. Sean Connery, dead. Eddie Van Halen, dead. More covid. It can't all have been a puddle of diarrhea and tears.

1. In the first wave people were genuinely scared of this new virus but despite this we wanted to help each other. Groups of volunteers quickly sprang up across the country to assist those needing to shield themselves or be extra careful.

Food shopping, collecting medicines, transport to and from hospital or just a doorstep chat. These were some of the things millions of volunteers offered to do for someone else. I volunteered and made friends with neighbors I'd known for years but rarely spoken to. Community came back to the UK and this was a good thing for everyone.

2. Covid hastened my divorce. The trigger got pulled sooner. Not literally, officer of the law. I'm glad of that now.

3. I'm saving the best for last. Lockdown toys!

I bought myself a radio controlled off-road buggy to bash around in the back garden. Lots of fun, driving, fixing, modding. It got me back into the RC hobby after 35 years away and I'm completely hooked again.

Oh, and Brexit barely got a mention for six months. That was good. :)
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Some interesting takes on good PMA (positive mental attitude)

Lock down 1.0 was best for me

Restrictions on travel that people were actually taking notice of

I spent it walking to the beach, waving to the police who were making sure no one was driving to the beach or there holiday homes (funny we don't see a police car one month to the next but during lock down they were around our area two or three times a day) Surfing with a hand full of locals or even on my own.

It was like a time machine. Back to the 80's ????

Unfortunately it was turned off and normal service resumed.

After that it's just been hard work. You could be forgiven for thinking everything was just intended to make my life just that bit harder.
Took longer than it should to finish my on going work and I've only just caught up.

But 2021 BRING IT ON....
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It was like a time machine. Back to the 80's
I was trying to put my finger on it and yes... you described it exactly. I just realized, I have been downloading tons of comic books to read for a while now... even putting them in my phone. There is a bit of an 80s feel in the air. The only thing that ruins the illusion are our mobile phones and the internet...So I'll call it super-80s.

Sean Connery, dead. Eddie Van Halen, dead.
Sean Connery, RIP.

The noise maker... ? ... meh.
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