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Today was another great time slinging steel.

Decided today would be a good day to shoot my FUG. This hole and binding post attachment works great. Quickest 2 can kill in a long time. Draw back, corner on spot, ball makes a dent or hole.

Two much fun.

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Hello all.
So after my summer with no
Elec H20 wifi and data found a lot
More time to shoot. Must say a year or so ago never thought I would be able to cut a can just thought not accurate enough yet, was wrong!
Motor vehicle Art Automotive design Event Plastic
The damage done and the found weapons of minimal destruction.
Did cheat at times and finish strip with 12 mm steel balls.
I think the sound of impact and can
Moving added pleasure.
Was flexable in that times when felt calm and concentreated used 8 mm and used ttf, ott and albatros depending mood. I know am
not sharp shooter as depending day different set up shot different.
the satisfaction of a well placed finish shot is most rewarding!
Funny for me that my fav has become ttf, earlobe to index finger first knuckle touch, using 4x ratio , 15 taper 20 white and black sobung from Slingshooting with self center pits pouch.
Except for 12 mm steel then like Rays super sure better!
Had a small bbq and drank more tgan a few beers over many hours, sure would never have driven but late comming friend wanted to see my range snd some shots, was full dark!
One held a light near me other
On catch box.
STUPID idea!
I am fully honest when I say never had a fork, frame hit before that, honestly, I take time to pinch well.
Hurt my frame and hand on first shot!
He wanted to see pvc starship, I thought if I instintive just to show and power using albattos as well!
EVEN more stupid!
Ball hit the 45* angle and shattered it!
At least had glasses!
So at least for me, no night shots mixed with beer ever again!
Lesson learned, my bad!!
Next morning fixed starship and filed fork frame impact, leaving a reminder of my poor choices, but shot normal for me.

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And full draw, any chance band specs and ammo please?
Your full draw length!
No problem, ukj

-Cedar Conus .55 BSB 1/2 straight cut my personal favorite
-Dogwood conus .55 BSB 5/8-1/2 tapered
-Halberd I believe are .6 SS black 1/2-3/8 tapered.

Full BF 60.2 inch draw
12.5 AL on all

3/8 steel sometimes 1/2 in. clay

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