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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!!

Here are the rules:
Just go out and kill a can and post it with your sling!

You can use any type of cans. You can challenge yourself at various distances, various types of ammo, etc. It's up to you! Just have fun!

Welcome to the massacre!

Happy sling'n and Sling-On!

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Wood Automotive tire Toy Couch Goggles

My first can cut period. Very little if any proper target practice. I figured it would take me half that jar of 12mm clay. Only took an 1/8th. Had an eye strike even though I had glasses on. Somehow went between the top of my glasses and under my hat brim. Luckily it wasn't to hard of a hit. Small bit of bruising. Guess I will break out some better safety glasses. Like my ones from my Army days that wrap around and such. My Aviators just leave too much room. Be careful peeps, protect those eyeballs.
This was quite fun/humbling/challenging. More practice, larger backdrop, better eyepro.
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