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.25 caliber Steel Shooter

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This is about as simple a design as can be created for a board cut. Though this frame, as described, is intended for small diameter steel balls, it can be scaled up for larger ammo, and a jpeg pattern is included for those who want to do so. This pattern is intended for use with 1/2 inch high quality plywood. I make no claim to having created this design. All I have done is put it to paper. Copy it with my blessing. First, a picture of the frame when nearly final sanded.

Now, the actual pattern.

Finally, the pattern in jpeg format, which can be scaled to whatever size you want to make.

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Very nice looking frame.
Very nice looking frame.
Thanks, Smitty. I'm going to scale it up, cut notches and band with gum rubber for an old-timey traditional look.
Very nice, simple design. Thanks for sharing.
I scaled and printed. Wil be cutting one out soon. Thanks Henry.
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A big steelball does'nt need a big frame!
True, but the ideal slingshot seems to be as elusive as the ideal woman.

Some like 'em big
some like 'em small
some like 'em medium
but I like 'em all.
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