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3 plywood cuts

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To begin, let me say that I am in no way trying to show off my skill here. I just wanted to share these with you. I am not very skilled at working with plywood yet. But I do find it fun and the results of my work are, if not beautiful, at least pretty safe to shoot. This is a quite inexpensive way to work as long as you don't try to get too fancy, especially if you work with just a coping saw, a 4-in-hand rasp and some sandpaper -- oh yeah, and a drill. (I use my knife a little, too but not necessary.)

So here's the three I'm working on (stained but no varnish yet).

First I'd like to talk about Bill Hays's "Lil Ranger". This thing is an awesome design. I haven't shot with it yet, but just holding it tells me all I need to know. I'll bet this easy to make design will become a true classic in the self-made slingshot world. I love it. I left out the work at the tip because I haven't the skill to do it without making a mess. So I kept it set up like my "Pocket Buddy" series, which handle OTT flats and Chinese tubes.
I printed out Bill's pattern and enlarged it by 1/3. Now it is just right for me. Here is how it looks in my hand.
Thanks Bill for a great design.

The next one I copied was my own original "Curvy", but this one was made from the reduced pattern offered here by e-shot. It becomes a very different shooter this small and I converted it into another pocket buddy. It's pretty cool.

And now for the new plinker/pocket buddy. This one shoots nice and is my smallest pocket buddy style slingshot to date. I will enclose the pattern below.

I don't know how original this new design is, but I drew it up out of nowhere with my drafting program a couple days ago and just went for it. It was sort of a surprise attack by the slingshot muse. LOL. Turns out that it's a good little shooter.

Thanks for looking. Hope somebody can use the pattern.

Edit: Well, I strapped up the Lil' Ranger with some light flats and shot about 30 rounds of marbles and 7/16" steel. I gotta tell ya, this is one seriously good slingshot. Great design! Excellent job Bill.


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John-Boy, I'll be looking forward to seeing it!

Thanks guys for the comments.
Thanks, Chuck and Bill. They are fun little shooters.
"Love Quims" ????

. . . not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Well, it's a bit stronger now. I am spending an hour here and there shooting/making lingshots now. Thanks for asking, Philly.
Thanks USAL and Eddie.

@ USAL: I use 3/4-inch birch plywood from Home Depot. Not the best but it works pretty well.

@ Eddie: If you get yourself a basic cad program, you can scale a picture or drawing perfectly even if you only have one measurement to go by. The program I use only takes a couple of nights to learn and it's pretty cheap. The name of it is DeltaCad.
Thanks Smitty and Furgle.

Smitty these things are nothing compared to the ones you use just for prototypes.
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Thanks Smitty. I am a big fan of your work and approach.

Jump, right. that's all you need to make a nice slingshot besides some skill, which you have in abundance. It's fun watching you branch out.
One more tool though: get a 4-in-hand rasp. For me and Chuck, it's our favorite shaping tool. You can usually pick them up at flea markets for a buck or less.
For big, chunky, knotty naturals, I sometimes use a hatchet for rough shaping. But I recently picked up some very large, course rasps at a flea market and they do make short work of big knots.

Also, since my hands started giving me trouble, I did invest in a jig saw. I also won an old hobby scroll saw on ebay that turned out to be a useless piece of junk. I find myself using the coping saw almost as much as the jig saw because I'm more used to using hand tools. I love hand tools -- but my hands hate them nowadays.

Thank you, Jamie, for making the Putz. Let us know how it shoots. It sure looks good, and I dig it with the tabs.
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Thanks Jeff. But I think you are more of a "Curvy" guy.
The Lil Plinker is a bit delicate for your mannish hands.
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Thanks Jeff. But I think you are more of a "Curvy" guy.
The Lil Plinker is a bit delicate for your mannish hands.
I can shoot dainty, ha ha, one of my favs is Martin credit card shooter, but i do like curvy things, jeff

Ha ha! Do you like ones that curve to the left or the right?
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Yes A-man. I have a big paw and it works for me. The key is the narrow waist. It makes it easy to hold on to.
You can make it out of anything. Where it's so small, you have to keep your finger and thumb high on the horns, which means you will most likely hit your fingers rather than the fork tips. So you don't have to worry about splitting the board and having it smash into your eyeballs.
. . . yet one never knows. . . which is why I use plywood.
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