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These are all made from treebranches, so its the outer later of the tree, so called spint wood. But thats with naturals made from treebranches. The Apple Wood is the most soft one. The other three are quite hard. Again treated with tungoil for 3 Times and covered with a Poly urethane finish.

All 4 you have for 100 dollars..
Price for one is 35 Dollars.
Price for 2 is 60.

Wood Gesture Finger Tartan Thumb
Hand Tartan Finger Gesture Wood
Plant Gesture Wood Finger Thumb
Hand Cutting mat Wood Gesture Finger
Plant Wood Natural material Gesture Finger
Hand Cutting mat Tool Finger Wood
Blue Green Gesture Wood Rectangle
Hand Cutting mat Green Textile Finger
Flowerpot Wood Finger Plant Nail
Hand Finger Wood Gesture Nail
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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