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Got this idea when I was shopping at the Dollar Tree the other day. One of my non slingshot friends and I were talking and I commented that you can make slingshots from a bunch of things. Then my buddy was like can you make one from the stuff in this store and I was like of course, then they were like prove it. So I decided I would go one better and set a $5 cap on the supplies. The picture below is the result.

Now for the challenge, I know you all are a creative bunch so I want to see your sub $5 slingshot from the Dollar Tree :)
I am not thinking you need to make the band set from there so you can use conventional bands or tubes on this challenge. My total was under $3, one pair of pliers and one pack of electrical tape. I use one piece of ammo to put in the jaws of the pliers.

So let's have fun with this one, you end up with a slingshot without breaking the bank!
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