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66ft Gambler shot 2

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Today's best shot. Card cut and smashed match head.

Catty Shack Hunting Series 0,75 bands are long lasting.

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yes mate you got them both,bloody matches wont light.whats a challenge for you really, splitting hairs or a 45 meter card cart. when you can get to the place where you have to to shoot that distance, by the way those pouches you put me onto from slingshooting are very good for 8mm steel robbo
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I use those same pouches with 7-10 mm steel.

Only have tried couple shots with 7 mm, but feels good and center hole should be small enough.
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Awesome shootn my friend! That's bout as close as you can get.
Thanks Ibojoe :headbang:

Sooo close...
hey Kalevala, can you recommend a cheap very thin 1mm by 63 to 70mm x15 to 17mm leather pouch for my homemade slingshot rifle. ive still got a couple of simpleshots kangaroo leather pouches, they fit between the release pins easier and form around the ammo as i have to stretch the bands by hand and all the different microfiber pouches i have are to thick and form keeping. didnt think i would have this problem, apart from that, slingshot rifle is awesome.if i new how to post photo i would,with your videos you post you could be in Hollywood mate.laugh out loud, if you dont no of anyone else that has pouches ill just go with simple shots, with delivery 6.50 each.I am contacting them to find out if there microfiber pouches, on there looped tubes sets are the same thickness as there kangaroo leather. unreal mate a Aussie buying kangaroo leather from the yanks.
Have You watched SuperSure or Warrior pouches ?

I have no idea, how big or thick those are.

I'm to ugly to Hollywood :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

We have lots of cows here in Finland and I have ordered cow leather from Germany :lol:
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