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Hey mates, things have been a little bonkers lately and I haven't had a chance to make slings or even shoot. I'm sorry for the long absence and hopefully I can become more active again here in the next few weeks or so as things settle. Anywho, I do have 7 for sale. I have the following...

1: glow coral slinger (gen 1)
2: haze grape dragonfly.
3: 2 mean beans, both of them in glow and painted.
4: boyscout in blue(give thanks to mr Bill Hayes for awesome design)
5: neon yellow side shooter
6: wood hybrid oversized scout style in cabornet stain.

If interested just let me know. I'm thinking 25 ish for the woodhybrid scout style, the others just make a fair offer.



1 - 9 of 9 Posts