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Hi guys,

I know that there are a lot of topics on this subject already....

But i couldn't find what i was looking for with the search engine.

So does anyone know where i can buy steel balls in bulk within Europe, or atleast with international shipping at a reasonable cost.

thanks for helping me out guys.



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Try Kugel Winnie (Germany):

The text says:


These unhardened steel/iron balls are ideal as ammunition for slingshot and slingshot, but also for the technical professional, for hobbyists, for drilling and welding and so on - there are no limits to your imagination...

These unhardened steel/iron balls are less rebounding than hardened balls. This is a big plus for safety in the sport of skidding.

These balls are flashed - unhardened, extra polished steel/iron balls with a dimension of 8.00 mm in quality G600 according to DIN 5401.

These balls were specially manufactured by a German ball manufacturer as sling ammunition and are of better quality than commercial ammunition.

8.00 mm , actual dimension 8.00 mm - material 1.0304
Weight per piece: approx. 2.1 gr

These balls are polished, have a high penetrating power, are splinter-proof, reusable and reach distances up to 180 m and more with a professional slingshot (with the right technique and the right rubber).

The balls are not magnetic, but can be attracted by magnets.

You will receive a packing unit with 2400 steel bearings (approx. 5kg)."

Translated with

Sounds OK to me...
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