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Hello everybody,

Those early November evenings are also a time for creative inspiration, and of course also a great excuse to make another slingshot (never mind that box down in the basement already full of homemade frames.. :hmm: , you know how it is :D ).

Baltic birch plywood is very strong and great for all sorts of imaginable slingshot frames, but aesthetically speaking, it's rather bland on its own, and needs to be spiced up. For my latest piece, I decided to leave the beaten track of browns of all denominations, and stained it in a water-based blue. The interesting aspect of staining is that one can dilute the original color, which comes either in powder or liquid form (which I used) by simply adding some water.

After the adorable task of sand papering :cursin: , I applied the staining liquid. Once the staining liquid had dried after an hour or so, I applied a first layer of transparent water-based wood sealant, followed by sandpapering to remove the roughness linked to the wood grain having risen, and completed with a second and final layer of the same aforementioned wood sealant for a shiny and waterproof finish.

I am not too familiar with advanced wood varnishing techniques to obtain that incredibly smooth and shiny finish similar to good wood furniture: the fact that some of the products involved release strong vapors is something I am not so keen on.

The dimensions of the "Twin Loop" slingshot (templates are available in the forum templates section) are as follows:

11 cm long, 9 cm wide, 22 mm thick Baltic birch plywood, a 5 cm inner fork gap, and fork prongs 20 mm wide. It takes roughly 3 hours to make one of these, bearing in mind that it is all hand-made in my case, with the exception of a jig saw and an electric drill.

Have any of you tried some more "exotic" colors with slingshots?


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So this idea, it came to you out of the blue? Sorry couldn't resist. :) Nice work, I have tried to make one of your twin loop board cuts but have not made anything useful, yet.
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