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A different approach to pouches

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I couldn't find any leather to make a pouch for my W shooter so I decided to try something else that works very well and lasts a long time. I have a lot of heavy duty ratchet straps in various widths and colours so I just cut off a length, burn the ends then punch a couple holes in it. Burn the holes so they don't fray and bingo ! Give it a go if you run out of leather.
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Have you considered/tried cupping them with a little heat?
How would I do it ? Usually I just shoot big pebbles so maybe I could use one while heating it up. Cupping would help it for sure. I have punched a hole in the centre and that helps too.
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Looks good, but looks like they would be very slick and hard to get a good grip on.
Keep us posted.

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You're right, but if I shoot rough textured sandstone pebbles its ok. And they don't rip or fray as easily as I expected either which is good. That stuff is crazy strong .
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You miight try putting a dab of ShoeGoo on the outside where you grip. When it dries you might have a very reliable grip surface.
Great idea! Never thought of that thanks.
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