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A different type of natural....

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Newbie here! After seeing the cool stuff the rest of you are building I have decided to try and build a few naturals with my boys. We will be doing the standard wood naturals and I'll share the pics of that when it happens....

In the mean time I got inspired to build a little different natural... I had some really nice antler in the back of the shop and cut two "blanks" out today. I think these are going to turn out to be a lot of fun.... Here is where I am now. I'll share some pics when I get them done and have bands on them!

Take care...

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Those are nice antler forks, they are my second favorite natural material next to forks from a tree.
Those will be nice Tom!!! Look forward to the finished pics!!
very cool Tom.. looking forward to seeing the finished product...
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Wow I must have missed these! Excellent!
Should be some interesting possibilities there. Polished to bark textures with maybe some minimal inlay work... yeah there's a lot that can be done with those!
I am here to see the finishing results. the horn of the first picture looks great.
Antler look nice with brass caps, or a shotgun brass cap on the bottom, i have a few antlers here what i was going to use when i have time, but there not as nice as thoughs, jeff
They also have a lot of potential as a carved slingshot.
I also have some sheds i am ready to start on.
I am sure they are going to make very nice resorteras (forks). I really want to see the final result. Saludos:D.
They are looking good. I'am always searching for antler forks but i don't know where to buy them. Does anyone know a source?
should be gorgeous shooters when finished!
Great stuff! I am anxious to see the results.

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