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1. Urbanshooter's Snap Jaw Turtle in homemade hdpe. This is not a particularly well finished frame, but it would make a good beater. $20 shipped.

Wood Art Font Artifact Metal

2. MJ's Mojo in pallet wood oak. This is a board cut, so go easy with the bands on this one. $20 shipped.

Wood Flooring Hardwood Font Creative arts

3. Tom's ergo Walnut natural fork. $45 shipped.

Wood Sculpture Wood stain Hardwood Creative arts
Wood Cookie cutter Hardwood Art Flooring

4. Chunky ply, and micarta ergo with glow strips. I don't know the design of this one, or who made it. $20 shipped.

Wood Bicycle part Hardwood Wood stain Metal
Wood Gesture Household hardware Thumb Wrist

If you want more than one, I will adjust prices accordingly, since it would be cheaper to ship.



1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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