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Tex Shooters number of pieces per pound, this is for me to look back on.

Approx number per pound of steel balls measured in inches! 1/4 -- 430, 3/8 -- 127, 7/16 -- 80, 1/2 -- 53, 5/8 -- 28, 3/4 -- 16.

Of glass marbles measured in inches! 1/2 -- 162, 9/16 -- 114, 5/8 -- 83, 3/4 -- 48.

Of lead balls measured in inches! 1/4 -- 298, 3/8 -- 88, 7/16 -- 55, 1/2 -- 37, 5/8 -- 19, 3/4 -- 11. ---- Tex-Shooter
Gypsy tab tutorial courtesy of Jmplsnt:

Chain linked rubberband construction courtesy of Nico:

New developing "flatband" alternative using large rubberbands, I need this marked so I can always watch and update it.

The rubbberband links by use of loops, anther way to go about doing it, I will give it a go in the future, but here is an interesting thread from Z on them:

Anything else pertaining to rubberband chains style, I'm a dedicated user and I refer to these often so they are here for myself and others who wish to browse.



Not much of a blog really, but a compilation of resources that I like to refer to, and others may too. It just gets hard to find stuff as it gets older and moves back in pages.

Regards - John

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Dec 01 2010 08:04 PM

IMO, good idea.

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Dec 02 2010 12:44 PM

Well done Bane thanks for posting the links mate, i think it should help lots of people out
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Dec 02 2010 03:43 PM

BB, did you change your post? Were you able to find that old thread on the flip shooter?

No problem Lucifer, I'll probably get some more up in the future including more informative designs, walk-throughs, and posts in general......

Again, these are just things that I find interesting and useful, some of which I look back on often......I won't cover everything, mainly the innovative, intriguing, and inexpensive aspects of slingshots for beginners at least for now...

But the little organized archive will grow eventually, and then maybe I'll make each blog post pertain specifically to one subject in the slingshot world...for example this will basically be the "Chain linked rubberband entry"

Cheers - John

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Dec 03 2010 10:06 AM

Yes, I did change the post. Sometimes I put too much into a post, things that are really not germane to the subject.

No, I did not find the post I was looking for. Sometimes someone will ask a question and another member has posted a very good answer in the past. I try to remember where the post was and put a link to that answer in my comments so they can go back and read what another person learned.

The post I was looking for contained a picture that had been posted by what I call "one of the Old Timers", someone who has been in the hobby for many, many years. Someone like Tex-Shooter. The post had a picture of what I think was called a 'Flip'. There was no fork, just a piece of theraband tied on one end with a looped piece of string and the other end of the string was tied to a pouch. Well, I made one and it was dangerous to shoot. I think the original post said it took a lot of practice to make it work. All I did was hit the back of my hand and I can tell you that a 3/8 steel bearing ball moving at a couple hundred feet per second hurts, a lot. Even trying to use bb's will wake you up real quick. I have gone through Tex-Shooters old posts and I did not find anything from the thread titles that gave me any clue as to where the picture could be. On another day, when I have some extra time, I am going to go through A+ posts and see if he was the poster of what I am looking for.

There is a gigantic amount of information in all of the different posts people have made since the forum started. The problem do I find what I am looking for. The forum search works sometimes, but if you are looking for is a nebulous as...I remember a picture...then the forum search doesn't help. Since there is no indexing beyond what you find on the "Forum" page, i.e. General Discussion, Slingshot Modifications,etc., it can be simular to looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Edit: It took several days to find what I was looking for. Someone on Slingshot Forums said something that brought back the memory of what you find at the following link.


I found the post by Bill Herriman (he goes by the name of Tex-Shooter on this forum) on USA Slingshot Forum. He said the flip in the picture was from his personal collection and he knew someone who actually used the flip. I have seen two video's of people using the flip with as much accuracy as a forked slingshot.

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Dec 06 2010 07:12 PM

I thought you did, hey don't worry about rambling off, it didn't seem to off topic or inappropriate for the occasion at all.... you were simply voicing the fact that you too have trouble finding things in our vast database of useful topics. You are right about the general discussion, customs, and modification sections sometimes being a bit to vague and having some shared topic subjects etc. through the months. Which, again is precisely why I am compiling these links in organized blog posts.In the coming week I will make another entry pertaining to the useful flatband links I am able to find, and moving forward I will do so with more subjects of the slingshot scene. Those who seek a plethora or readily available yet older threads about what they want to see or learn about need not look further than my blog entry pertaining to their subject of search. I am very glad you found the topic on that shooter, that looks pretty frightening from where I sit, I use my hands far to much in a day to risk a nasty hit there. It is interesting, but I'll save the experimenting and shooting to those braver than I! :lol:Regards - Johnp.s. Anyone please feel free to suggest any topics of link compilations in future entries, or any links you think I missed in the entries I've already made

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Dec 14 2010 06:20 AM

I like idea of your blog and plan to follow it. It's good to have a resource of tables and useful threads. Blogs are different to the main forum, because you get to lead the discussion and but OTOH, it can be hard to get people to follow it.I think the reasons one will get people to read a blog are:> New and interesting material> An entertaining read> A feed of information gathered from external resources that we might not follow> Useful categorisation of disparate threads on a subject> A platform for debate and the sharing of ideas that is moderated differently (in a sense of the blog owner's guidance of the discussion)If a blog develops into a jumble of what ever was going through a person's mind at a time, then the contents have to be absolutely riveting in order to keep people's attention. Readers are reluctant to use the main forum search function or browse sub-fora, let alone delve around inside a blog in case it contains what you are looking for.Therefore, I suggest you break out your blog post above into sub topics and you can maintain more links by posting or editing comments. There might be one thread on conversion factors, one on ammo, one on gypsy tabs, one on elastic band chains. You might post a summary of, and commentary on, each thread reviewed. Then readers would use your blog as a resource when looking for information. Encourage them to add links to things you've missed on, or off the forum. Hey, you may as well make several blog topics now, even if they don't have any information in them and let your readers fill in the links for you. If there's no information on a subject you feel needs discussing, say so, or start a forum thread and say something like "The best winter bands - discuss".You might also do a weekly bulletin like Jörg's news letter was intended to be. Post your highlights of the week, your favourite slingshots, threads and blog posts. Show pictures and give links and say why you like what you saw.

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Jan 18 2011 05:47 PM

This solves my gypsy tab queries, many thanks for posting! I particularly like step by steps especially when it come to trying new techniques etc!
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