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Recently I made two slingshots, one from a fork, the other a board cut for a friend who was delighted to have them. Then couple of days ago I met him and he said: you know where are your slingshots now? I said no I don't, then he said: I landed them to a friend who is a hunter and he now he hunts pheasants and other birds exclusively with a slingshot, he seems to put gun aside..

I am not sure how much of truth is there since I made slingshots with larger pouches to accommodate marbles, but to a point it might be.

So I decided to make a slingshot a bit better suited for hunting (I am not a hunter so all I know about it is what I heard here in the forum, occasionally). I cut 2 bands of Precise Green which showed good results when I put them under test some time ago ( with a pouch accommodating 10 mm lead balls, and I cast about 50 of them for him until he makes his own mold, of course, should he stay with slingshots at all. I will ask him for a feedback.

I think the wood is oak and I carved it a little bit and then coated it with the mixture of BLO, Turpentine and Beeswax.

So here she is:

Plant Glove Wood Personal protective equipment Strap

Knee Wood Thigh Sock Plant

Musical instrument Guitar accessory Plant Wood String instrument accessory

Wood Tool Hand tool Blade Cutting tool

Wood Axe Hardwood Human leg Musical instrument

Vertebrate Plant Green Wood Mammal

I hope you like it.




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Holy Pheasants in a Pan! That is a great tribute to the classics and just fun to look at.

PS- That is a perfect hunting pouch for sure. Great attention to the necessaries of huntung features.
Thanks, MakoPat, such a nice comment!

Beautiful craftsmanship, I love it
Thank you, AKA Forgotten!

Thanks, StringSlap!

Very nice, love it

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Thank you SLING-N-SHOOT!

Beautiful my friend!

Sense the age of 12 I've hunted with slingshots ( terrorizing pigeons and squirrels earlier than that)
I've taken way more small game with a slingshot than with a rifle/shotgun.

And that sling I would be proud to hunt with. Great job
Thanks, Island made, I will certainly tell him about this!

Dude that is beautiful!
I would love to hear more about how you did that handle wrap.
Thanks M Mars! I glued the beginning of the paracord (from which I took the core threads out so not to be too thick) with the fast glue then started to wrap around to the bottom of the handle where I used another thread to tuck in and under the wraps the end. Usualy I would coat the wrap with fast glue using a rubber glove but at this moment I has none..

You bet ya! I'd hunt with that one for sure. Well done my friend.
Thanksm lbojoe, this means a lot to me!

That's a great looking shooter! Nice work!
Thank you SLINGDUDE, I am so glad you like it!



That looks to me like a no nonsense hunting rig. Very nice job.
Thank you SJAaz, very much indeed!
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