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Was roughing out a birch wood eating spoon yesterday and broke it, so thought I’d try my luck at making a slingshot. I just had a very small piece and after a trip to the dollar store to get some rubber bands to use as bands for the mini shooter I saw a plastic slingshot for $1.00$ So snagged it thinking the bands might be good or better then the rubber bands and there was a pouch on it so bonus! The bands didn’t stretch at all but the pouch was good after some trimming. I’ve never made or tied bands but after some YouTube vids I ended up with this little guy! ok time to test fire! shooting bbs across my living room in to a catch box at a can I missed about five out of 20 shots! I was so suprised it shot so well! a lot of the shots penetrated the can. Pretty fun little project and a blast to shoot!


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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