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Hello, folks. A few images of a sling I put together this afternoon. I last tried to make one back in the 80s when I was 10. From a library book on ancient weapons. I did not know about the finger loop and the end knot back then.

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The idea was to make a parachord one, but without all the braiding and complicated knots and shot cup templates.
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My interpretation of the middle finger loop. And nothing fancy about that knot! I don't even know what you call that.
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The parachord, from Harbor Freight, is held together by electrician copper crimp sleeves, like you see on ground wires in wall sockets. This was my idea for avoiding braiding. The cup is scrap nylon webbing from velcro, reinforced by grommets from Harbor Freight. I suspect the cup may be the weak point in my design, as it may tear quicker around the grommets, and is rectangular in shape rather than the rounded diamond shape more often seen. I may try it tomorrow, but I have to remember an isolated area with decent rounded stones. Something my 10-year-old self knew by heart.
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