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Hello everybody,

I recently presented the idea of converting a standard table-mounted vice (vise) unit into a pouch tying rig.

Well, here is what I've been working on for a while, and which may be of interest to those among you who want the pouch to band tying process to be as precise as possible.

My homemade unit allows full control of band tension in terms of how much you need prior to either using wrap & tuck, or wrapping and tying a knot.

The mounting blocks incorporate slots for spring operated clamps: the vertical separation (10 mm) between the external upper surface and the slot rectangle of both the fixed and the moving block increases spring tension of the clamps, thus applying more pressure to the pouch and flat band (tube) ends.

I feel that this approach is superior to lever-operated units, as there can be no sudden release, other than the clamps coming loose.

Check out my video, and let me know your thoughts (positive or negative, both are relevant in any case).



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