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It takes me quite a while to decide if I think that something or some one has unusual merit. Now I know that several shooters fall into this category, but I want to give kudos to one of these right now. Bill Hays has in a very short time brought several great new designs into the slingshot world. His designs are wonderful and he is also a very competent shooter. He is soft spoken and a credit to this sport. Now I know that there are several others that have made contributions also. But I think that he is outstanding designer and I know that with time his slingshots will just keep getting better and better. I personally give a warm welcome to a new USA Lion in the sport. Oh and he is a Texan also. Wow -- Tex

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I also agree. When he first started posting his designs I was blown away. And just judging him on his shooting videos he seems to be a very skilled shooter. You can also tell in his videos he is also a good father. I look forward to some day meeting Mr. Hays. Perhaps at a competition someday.

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Bill Hays is a genius in my book!

I've got to know about the level of his intellect through PM's
concerning sling shots, grip equipment, etc.

I have bought 2 Hathcock Sniper sling shots from Bill and all I can say
is the pictures don't do justice. These sling shots are Master Pieces!!!

I have gotten really accurate with the first Hathcock Sniper SS I got from Bill
in a very short amount of time. it wasn't until today that I took time out to focus
back on my King Cat. I hit 20 out of 20 with my KC without sights today and at
the same time fiquered out a new possible sighting system that's way less
complicated. I will be getting with Jack on this.

BTW, I live less than 2 hours away from Bill hays and already have plans of
meeting up with him for some shooting and sharing tips here and there.

Bill Hays, Top Notch guy that makes Top Notch sling shots!!!

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I can't add anything to what has been said above, I guess, except that I like everything about him and his slingshots. It really stumps me to think what he might come up with next! His craftsmanship and mastery of materials is equal to Dan's, and he is plain-spoken like Smitty. That's a good combination.
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