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Yeah, we rolled out of bed at 5 am. That's about 1/2 hour later then when I had to go to work. I don't know. I guess 40 or so years getting up at the same time doesn't let you sleep late.

I try but no good. Oh well, let's get out early ( my favorite time of day ). While getting ready, I thought maybe a walk down the beach with a rod and go for some Blues-always a blast.

Pound for pound there ain't no fish that fights harder. Then I said to myself, you haven't shot your slingshot in months because of a change in your condition ( I have Parkinson's Disease ).

Well, the new meds, I'm happy to say, are working well! Decision made! An early morning bike ride through a wooded path that runs about 20 miles through green acres property.

So I put 3 Lidocaine patches on my arthritic elbow ( bone on bone Arthritis -lot of fun-it also happens to be the arm that I hold the frame in.

Then covered it with an Ace bandage rather tightly-popped a Vicodin ( don't worry, only when I absolutely have to ) then to WaWa for a 20 ounce Coffee ( without a doubt, the best coffee in the known universe! ).

Slingshot I used was a self made cold bent 3/8" solid aluminum Rod frame (TTT) with bands mounted on the inside of the forks of the throat (A little different ).

Ammo of choice today was a bunch of 5/8" cats eye marbles of which I have at least 40 or 50 lbs of. Well off we went, water bottle filled with cold water ,57 degrees out ( Love it! ), hardly anyone out and bout yet, just starting to get light-what a morning!

Got on the path and not 5 minutes had passed when a Raccoon ran in front of me. Then rode over a small creek and flushed out a flock of Mallards. Nothing for the next 10 minutes or so then I saw a big Doe with a fawn.

I think it was this years fawn too because it had some fading spots. Seeing a Mother Deer and a fawn out in their natural setting-beautiful. Then I came to the spot where the local kids hangout, partying and stuff. It had been awhile since i was there.

I promptly put the kick stand down, set up about 20 empty Beer cans, and went to work. I started off at around 15 feet or so and missed the first can by about 2 feet! (Oh this is gonna be fun). Not lying here guys ( why would I? )-I missed the first 4 cans I shot at-from around 15 feet! Then the Vicodin started to kick in or something else kicked in because I started hitting. Now this is fun! Then I started hanging cans up on branches, setting them bottom out, filled a few with water ( always fun ), and then threw a few in a small stagnant pond and played sink the can! Loved to do that when I was a kid. Well, after about an hour and a half, the pain was letting itself be known so I said that's it. There was a time when I would have kept shooting till I had no ammo left. Age and wisdom does teach you something. in this case-save some for another day old timer! ( Who said old timer? I'm just a big kid! DAMN-that was a lot of typing!!!! Good time guys! :)

Knew I forgot something-pictures!

Next time-sorry! :banghead:

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Thanks for sharing your story. Being an older guy myself, with an assortment of pains on any given day, I can relate. On my worse day I can always find pleasure in making a good shot with my slingshot. Your story brings up memories of my Father-in-law , 90 years of age, suffered a stroke. Weeks later he was pretty depressed with his situation and found it hard to find any pleasure in his life. At the time I had a really nice and powerful rubber band gun and I thought he might enjoy trying to shoot. I set up an empty pop can about 10 feet away. I was able to knock it over on my first shot and then loaded the gun and handed it to my Father-in law who was sitting in his wheelchair. He raised and shot the gun with some difficulty .....a perfect shot that sent the can flying. That was the first time we saw George smile, the first time we heard him laugh since he had experienced the stroke.

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