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The arrival of my first PS-1 was a bit of a wake up moment for me. I had thought I'd this slingshot making figured out and even made the Clone Trooper, a (licensed) PS-1 copy. Then that package arrived and I realised how far behind I was. I still don't feel like making wooden slingshots to avoid drawing a direct comparison.

I've received excellent slingshots since, from Bunnybuster, flatband and others, but none gave me that same kind of 'oh no' moment till Jim's EPS showed up on Saturday. I've since given the original bamboo PS-1 to a good friend and native tracker but despite having a maple on order at the time, I still felt its loss as I handed it over.

I only regret Perry's decision to stop making unreinforced natural wood forks and move to pinned natural woods and laminates. I don't think they need it and next time I order I may make a special request to make it the old way.

I didn't have quite so much luck with the BB shooter. Despite very much wanting to like it, I had trouble gripping it and my flip action wasn't flippy enough so I managed to give it some fork hits, despite it's bieng so compact it more or less disappeared into my small hands. Mind you I didn't hurt myself, as I have done with other slingshots and I think the bandset is top notch.

I admire Perry's willingness to jump with both feet out of his comfort zone, with new bandsets, new fork types and new materials. He combines it with craftsmanship and style and I feel we all could be a bit better if we follow his lead.

He has been so influential that his designs are widely copied by new and experienced makers alike. Sometimes I have to keep referring to his slingshots to make sure my new designs don't come out looking exactly like a PS-1.

I just hope people continue to attribute him as the one who originated/ popularised this distinctive design and buyers should have in the back of their mind that Perry probably does this design better than those who make slingshots in a similar profile.


I just noticed pallan65 is now A+ Slingshots. I'm a bit slow today.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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