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A prized wood, now a Champ going to it's' new owner.

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Here is an upsized Axiom Champ that I have kept since finishing it October 2018. I couldn't let it go. I loved the wood with the grub trails and color that is unlike any other of the scores and scores in my wood inventory. With only enough to make one more I finally made one to keep for myself.

Hence, this one is on its way to it's new owner.

The wood; is sweetgum that was pushed aside after being cut down on my property when we were renovating.

The core; is a green linen micarta.

The thickness; is about 1/2 inch.

The finish; is CA glue

Drinkware Tableware Stemware Wood Barware

Drinkware Wood Stemware Barware Table


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Yeah, that would be a tough one to let go. But things reach a whole new level of cool when you pass it one for someone else to enjoy.
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Man that frame tells a story! Stunning isn't the right word.

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Anybody WOOD be VEEEEEERY HAPPY to own this one :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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That one IS special. Awesome job as always Ray.
Appreciate all the comments. We do love slingshots.
Beautiful work, Ray.
Finally something sweetgum is good for. That is some beautiful wood.
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