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Good afternoon,

Last weekend my buddy Zach came by to have a walk around the woods by my house looking for grouse. Zach has been my go to hunting buddy for years. He is safe, responsible and adept at both talking trash and accepting trash talk. These, in my opinion, are preeminent in hunting buddy qualifications. Actually being good at hunting comes closely after.

We got a late start, but once we were in the woods we were in our element. I spooked a duck at 2 yards on the bank of the river I trap and the razzing began. Zach said something to the effect of "You should have had your camera on, Youtube needs to know that you $#@! your pants when you get spooked!" I laughed and we walked another mile of river looking for ducks with no luck. We headed uphill to the ridge on the north side of the river and followed my lynx and coyote trap line looking for animal sign and birds. We were following a reasonably fresh set of lynx tracks when we came to a patch of densely growing young spruce full of rabbit tunnels.

Both dogs bolted into the same rabbit tunnel. A minute of thrashing around in the undergrowth later, a grouse exploded out of the trees, and thank goodness he flew my way! I spotted it and Zach did not, so it was my bird! I saw the general area where the bird landed and started to slowly creep that direction while keeping track of both dogs. As I approached the area I spotted movement out on the very end of a limb. With one eye on the limb and one eye on the dog and one eye on the other dog and another eye on Zach, who was creeping up behind me with the intent of snaking my grouse, I moved in to get a look at the base of the branch where it met the tree. This is usually where spruce grouse hide. It was thick. It was nasty. There was only a bit of his chin visible through the branches. The shot was at 7 yards......

For the rest watch this video. (how is that for a cliff hanger and a shameless plug?)

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