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A Semi Novitzkenegger idea

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Kudos to Joerg and his video for inspiring me to think of this.

Joerg pulls his the trigger mechanism 3 meters before locking it in place.

This is my idea.

I have a 48" length of telescoping steel tubes that were made for holding heavy drapes.

You could use wood or metal to achieve the same effect.

A conventional Y slingshot is mounted at the front end of the outer tube.

A second handle is located somewhere along the outer tube.

A third handle is located somewhere along the inner tube (that pulls out) that has a trigger mounted on it (not the mechanism).

The tubes are at the minimum position.

You use the portable trigger mechanism and grab the pouch and the projectile.

Place a foot on the SS handle for the first draw position and pull the mechanism and fit it to the inner tube.

Grabbing the 2 handles you pull out the inner tube until it reaches its draw length where it locks.

A string or a wire connects the trigger to the mechanism.

Not a 3 meter Novitzkenegger, but a much longer than 160 cm butterfly weapon; perhaps 2 meters.

Do you understand this design?
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sounds like you've got an idea going there! would love to see pics of the finished product or even a blue print
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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