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a shout out to all slingers

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I wanted to shout out to all you awesome slingers. I am new to the forum; However, not new to slingshots. I make my own and have done some rather incredible things with my slingshots. I post under the name Frogman, and look forward too learning any and all things new regarding slingshots. I run a wilderness/fieldcraft business and most of my work is with the SEALs. I generate most of my income working with them, but prefer to work with the private sector. I do teach slingshot development (all facets) to the SEALs and have put my slings into the hands of not a small number of our current waterbourne Special Forces. I am open to new and better ideas regarding the slingshot. I don't by any stretch feel that I have a corner on the best slingshot. I use what works well for me, but, as I said, open to anything new and better in the slinging world.....I look forward to meeting new people that are already familiar with the slinging life
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welcome to the forums Madison...
it's great to have you here... i look forward to more of your posts..
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