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There's a lot of detailed information on A+ (A Plus) on the forum already.

Read this review and link to a video by Jörg, plus some of my own photos and comments (link).

At the bottom of this blog post, I also posted about the efficiencies of A+ Natural Rubber Bands and Hunter Bands. A+ Ultra Bands are a lot like the Hunters (link). As HG says, the bands are the guts of the system. The main shooting difference between the Hunter Ergo and the A+ PS-1 with Ultra Bands is the shape, height and width or the frame. The frame affects control and ease of pull. I would pick a Hunter Ergo over a PS-1 for its low narrow forks and style of finger and thumb rest if you feel you may be slightly lacking in draw strength, but go for the PS-1 if you are practised and want a beautiful yet practical work of art.

With either band or frame, I wouldn't hunt geese unless in a survival situation as as I don't really rate slingshots for anything but small game. I am sure this is easily proved wrong, but people finding maimed birds with .50 lead roundball in them wouldn't be good for our sport.
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