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The chronograph will tell you the speed of the fork bands, and the projectile , in weight,you are using.
Depending on the trajectory, and the angle of release, is subject to the of gravity .
......the only thing that really matters, is if you can hit your mark.
It takes practice, and a feel for your particular, favorite slingshot. Keep with it, and shoot alot.
Who really cares how far it will throw a ball.
Keep your shots within 20 yds. and you will have the power, and accuracy, from any quality slingshot.
What I have found shooting and hunting ......your best bet for small game is good out to 20 yds, for rabbits and squirrells.
Sometimes I get requests from new shooters, that never shot a slingshot, and want me to make them a hunting power slingshot.
That kind of bothers me. I can only think of wounded small game animals, because of inaccurate ability.
I suggest, before you try and harvest game, shoot targets untill you are comfortable with your piece.
Practice..practice..practice..... is key to being a consistant, accurate, humane, shootist.
Just saying...................
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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