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A guy walks into a mechanic shop and I notice a tattoo of Riley’s children hospital????????❤ I compliment him, and he then tells of how he acquired his tattoo. He explained that he was a Riley baby many years ago. He always wanted some way of showing his appreciation. He likes tattoos on other people, he just didn’t think he would ever want one for himself. One day he decided to go to a tattoo shop and see if they could draw a tattoo of the Riley children’s logo. Not knowing where to go, he picks one out of the phone book and calls. The tattoo shop told him to shop by and he would take A look. When he arrives at the tattoo shop, the tattoo artist says we can do it now if he wants to. He proceeds to draw the logo on the mans arm, and when it is finished he sat back and asked if the one receiving the tattoo liked it. The man replies “It’s more than I could ever have imagined????” When the man asked how much he owed, the shop owner said “ Nothing” He was also a Rileys baby” ????????❤“
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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