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Dear members,

Two weeks ago i saw a post discussion about chinese slingshot and it was quite hot. Recently i posted topic about the chinese slingshot and flat bands. i can quote part of the content below but i suggest you to click the link at the bottom to see also pictures.

It is estimated that there are about 20 millions persons who are possessing a slingshot. And 700 thousand of them are active shooters. Here "active" means participating competition, frequently practicing or hunting on weekly basis.
There are professional competitors who travel over the whole countries to participate important matches (organized by different organizations or associations) to win the prize and gain their fame. They are sponsored with allowance and extra bonus corresponding to their competition result by some slingshot business owners or they have their own slingshot business.
There are more than 10 thousand slingshot groups, clubs or associations that distributed in the vast land of china like towns,counties and cities.
More than 1000 tournaments or competitions are organized successfully by those groups,organizations or associations at different levels from town level to country.

It is estimated there is around 100 brands (named,not registered) for slingshot bands. We will mainly introduce those popular ones and their background or history.

To moderator, If this is not the correct section to post a topic pointing to my site, please delete it or move to correct section. Sorry i cannot post all those here because i want google ranking my site as original for that content.

Another question, i want to raise a giveaway (different from the one at my site), which section should i post? I tried to become a sponsor more than 2 months but no result.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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