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Daranda just told me that there are still some people asking to be on the pre-order list for the $29.95 for all three slingshots list....

I think that since she said it was okay for everybody who's asked, that I should allow for at least another day or two of that...

So the plan and the deal is.... IF you want to be on the pre-order deal, where it's $29.95 for all three slingshots... bands and ammo will be included... then you have until Monday night to contact Daranda at [email protected] and ask her to send an invoice for the pre-order deal.

She'll send you an invoice, you pay, and the slingshots will be off to you the next day!

Tuesday, or maybe even Monday night, I will put up the slingshots on our website for sale to the general public... there will be NO special deal of all three for $29.95.... instead they will be listed for $14.95 each for 10 days and then $19.95 each after that!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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