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Accuracy is elusive ... finally figuring stuff out after months?!

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So I started shooting slingshot at the beginning of March. I knew I needed something to do at home to keep me occupied with being kept away from the stuff I usually like to do outdoors. So I've been shooting for a few months now and I've never really got it just right, first it was the grip not feeling right then I had to change my anchor points twice and I've changed my hold in the pouch and release three times?? I feel like I finally have the hammer grip that is perfect The Anchor Point directly under the cheekbone and the right hold and release. But I've been missing accuracy by about 1 or 2 mm over and over again??

I finally figured it out after watching how to shoot a slingshot videos from Caddyshack Hunter. The twist in my bands was there, I had just the tiniest bit of twist either too much or too little that was throwing my shots off just a little bit. Now when I shoot both eyes open I line up the top and bottom band so they are as aligned as possible then with all the other stuff I've been doing dead-on accurate!!

The Twist was Tiny, my band's do not line up straight there's a slight twist in them so it's not a straight line that you can just see the top band covers the bottom band and I was making sure I couldn't see the bottom band but I wasn't really making sure they were as perfect as can be. Once I did that I now I'm seeing some real accuracy and consistency that I wasn't getting before. I had moments of accuracy being able to shoot 10 to 15 shots in a row hitting Dead on and then the next round I would miss 25 in a row then the next round I would hit 10 in a row and so forth and so forth. It was very frustrating to never know why I couldn't hit the target.

Wanted to share this exciting news since I never really heard just how important exact alignment was on the Bands the guys who are good shooters just make it look so easy. Hope this help somebody it is very exciting to be hitting so dead center that I'm starting to rip my leather spinners from hitting them so hard!

Practice practice practice

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keep up the good work it will all fall in place in time
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