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Quote: "So I guess my question would be if I'm using airsoft bb's or the larger plastic ammo can I still develop proper skill with a slingshot?"

The key issue is having a projectile and a draw weight that will enable your chosen ammo to have a straight as possible trajectory to achieve accuracy.

Airsoft BB's are great fun for plinking, but do tend to lose accuracy beyond 5-6 yards when used with slingshots. However, they do have the merit of fragmenting when they hit hard surfaces - a positive safety feature.

Unfortunately, there is no "hop-up" option available on slingshots to make airsoft BB's more accurate :D.

Regular .177 steel BB's are a better choice in this sense, but both should have no trouble perforating thicker corrugated cardboard at fairly close range.

That said, both ammo versions are fine to practice a consistent release technique to improve your shooting skills indoors.

If you do decide to use airsoft BB's, biodegradable versions are doubtlessly a better choice when plinking outdoors: plastic is becoming a no-no.
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