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Aiming sight pin add-on for torque/scout

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Relatively new to slingshots and have been trying all sorts of different things. At 33' I have my axiom with 6.5" active band length TTF my target sets up really nicely on the frame dimple and I have great success.

with my Torque and Scout setup with OTT with same active band length and same anchor point, I have to put the frame tip about 4" below the bull which changes my ability to take dead aim.

I have created my own home made "sight pin" with a piece of wire in the band mounting system but it got me to wondering if there is a product sold after market that would be better (like some I've seen on GSK models) or, do I need to work on adjusting my anchor point to compensate. Any and all advice to this newbie question welcome!
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Urbanme - same issue w/ many of my slingshots - they shoot about 4" high. I agree that aiming 4" below the bull leaves w/ accuracy. I have thought about a sight pin. Can you post a photo of the one you designed?

I find that it helps to be very consistent w/ my posture, holding my drawing elbow as high as I can when I am at full draw, and staying focused on the aim point until after the ammo hits.

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