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Air guns

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Well I only have one and I've had it since 76, it's a 20 cal Bluestreak by Sheridan...shoots as well today as when it came out of the box.
Whats a Red Ryder ? .... will google it.
Venom used to be top of the shop spring gun tuners when i had my guns. Bet thats got a smooooth cocking and firing cycle !
1937 Telly spring gun ?? er i'm gonna google that too !

I knew i'd heard of the Binjanin Sheridan's as soon as i saw the pic I recognised it. Not 100% sure but i think they had an unusual or in some way different way to mount a scope ? in the UK we used dove tail scope grooves. Might be wrong on this so dont quote me
oh yer they would do well over the legal limit for UK un licensed air guns and .20 must of been a bit knew to ?
Red Ryder is the classic American BB rifle by daisy, used to be a great little gun, now they are mostly plastic.
My Sheridan has no rail to attach a scope, I believe newer ones do. and yes it's a pump, 6 pumps is the max and more than enough power to take small game at close range..
Argh, I want one!

Can someone please explain to my parents the differences between a sub 12 ft/lb air rifle and a military grade assault rifle?
You'll have to speak very slowly and limit your diction to words with no more than three syllables though!
Boom bad, no boom good, Do you think that will work Sam..
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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