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Air guns

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I have a .177 Weihrauch HW 97K, with a Venom custom spring kit, a fine shooter
My 97 will be the one they pack in my coffin when I finally leave this dust ball. After dozens and dozens of adult precision air rifles from built Crosmans to BAMS to Dianas to Beemans/Weihrauchs, I found my grail in an unassuming Maccari sprung 12 ft lb pellet stacker. I sent off an R1 and R7 as well as a QB/AR2078 to new owners recently. I'm officially down to the just 97, and imho, there isn't one finer. Monsieur Curwen, je suis d'accord avec vous.
It is very accurate, with the simplicity of a spring gun.

I take the best of it with h&n fied target trophy pellets.
Don't know the power with the new spring and seal, but i manage to shoot a walnut at 50m, and a soda can at 75m, more than enough for me
iirc those H&N's are what the Beeman Field Target Specials(made by H&N) are based on and the 97 prefers them. Seems to pretty universal among the 97 series.
I have 3 full sleeves of the FTS and a sleeve of JSB Exact for back up. Somehow managed to end up with a sleeve and a half of H&N Kodiak Gold 10.5 grain pells must be leftover from the R1 or Diana 40.
Excellent shooting at 50 and 75m , that takes some serious ability. I was shooting 10m quite regularly. People scoff at shooting so close but offhand at 10m is actually tough when the 10 'ring' is the size of a period. . ← that big!
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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