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This morning I scored an Albatross, the third in my career.

It's 3 under par on a single hole, let me describe it here:

Playing 314, a par 4 hole, abrupt dog leg left

Protected on the corner by an old-growth fir- tall and with some heft

I chose 3-metal, played it up, and flipped the toe hard over

She came off like a scalded cat and singed the mountain clover

The impact was fissile, she climbed like a missile, and cleared that fir by a yard

Her spin made me grin, the left turn for the pin, the green had just lost her guard!

The boys on the next tee, broke into the reverie, right after she went kerplunk

The bliss- I'm attesting, is wholly arresting, and half of the reason i'm drunk! :)

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Congrats! First line had me thinking, "The mad b****** has gone and killed an albatross with a slingshot!" Then I realized you were talking golf :)

I tried the sport one Summer, failed miserably, and ruined my baseball swing in the process. Never again...

Also, I'd seriously consider purchasing some of your rhymes and limmericks if there was a book. Your postings always crack me up!
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