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I love my Alliance Sterling 107's, they work wonderfully for target shooting ,especially for marbles. These days though I mainly use them as throw ins in my trades. In fact, Dayhiker has most of my stock at this point

But they certainly have there good uses. I also have some Universal 105s (total garbage with almost no latex!)
And the Alliance Gold Crepe, which I do not recommend, For some reason they just do not have any poke to them. I can't even get single bands to fire bb's with any speed!!! I have to say, the Sterlings are the way to go, if you want to use even heavier ammo you can use a cocktail set up as well, like DragonMaster does....

If you guys want some more info on these, there is some great info on this thread from long ago:

Great testing Henry, thanks

Cheers - John
1 - 1 of 328 Posts